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Projected Timeframe - August/September, 2011
Another Fantastic Clan Blair Society Trip !

NOTICE: Planning for the next Clan Blair Society Scotland trip has encountered challenges in cost and the availability of hotels. The plans for 2010 have been postponed to 2011 because of deposit demands that couldn't be provided. The plans will be the same but the dates have been moved out to August/September of 2011. We will be requesting commitments in mid 2010 with deposits. So, if you are thinking about joining us, let us know as soon as you can.

Clan Blair Society has been producing a Scotland Trip for its members and other interested Blair friends every three years since 1990.

1990 - 1993 - 1996 - 1999 - 2002 - 2006 --> 2011

The trip typically involves visits to the many Blair estates in Scotland. Blair House, ArdBlair, Blairqhuan, Balthayock, and more. On many occasions, we get to have a personal luncheon or dinner with our generous hosts. Dinner and possibly a night at the ancient Blair House, tea at Balthayock, dinner with Blairqhuan hosts or guests from ArdBlair are all examples of our past events in Scotland. Even receptions with the Lord Lyon himself, Robin Blair, or participation at a highland festival have been privileges of the trip.

In addition to the Blair estates and sites, we always have a variety of other Scottish locations during the typical 10 day itinerary. Over the coming year, we will be developing an exciting itinerary that will even give our regular participants new places to visit.

Costs for the trip will be announced as we are able to confirm them during our planning. This is a custom organized trip each time we do it, so we can only confirm the cost as we are able to negotiate our arrangements. We have considered commercial trips in the past, but these are always combined with other groups. This 'mixing' leaves much of the uniqueness of our trips, visiting many specific Blair related locations, out. Therefore, our trips may cost a little more, but they are all Blair.

A deposit of 20% and commitment will be requested approximately a year out from the trip. Early deposits are required from hotels due to increased domestic travel, so we request that you begin planning now. Additional payments will be required in January and final payment in June of 2011. Air travel arrangements and airfare will be the responsibility of each participant. All hotel, breakfast, and dinner expenses in Scotland are typically covered by the trip cost.

See the proposed itinerary for the 2010 trip. We will be attempting to use the same itinerary we began planning for in 2010 for the 2011 trip. Please note that until we have confirmations from all our hotels and locations, this is only a tentative itinerary. As confirmations are made, we will publish them on the web site.

To let us know you are interested, eMail

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Updated 1/25/2010
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