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2007 Annual General Meeting
Another Grand Clan Blair Event ! !

The 2007 Clan Blair Society Annual General Meeting was held in Tuscon, Arizona in conjuction with the Tuscson Celtic Festival, on November 2nd through the 4th, 2007.

  • The 2007 AGM was a great success! Soon, we will post a few pictures of the activities of the event for your viewing. We had a good turnout of members and had 3 new members join us this past weekend. Friday afternoon, the Clan Blair board met to review the year and discuss new business for the coming year. In addition to our officers and the chairs of our committees, we had several members that were able to join us.
  • As one of three honored clans, Clan Blair was piped in Friday evening at the Calling of the Clans event and dinner. Our outgoing president spoke briefly to the crowd about Clan Blair and the Blair history. After a charged clan cry, the president and entourage joined the rest of the clan around the circle.
  • Saturday was a wonderfully warm day (if you hail from the Northeast - LOL) and the skies were deep blue the whole day! Clan Blair had an honored position in the middle of the field with three full tents for our members. Helen and Bob did a grand job of supplying refreshments, and seats for resting, and plenty of shade. At least a dozen members moved in and out of the tent throughout the day as they visited the other clans, vendors, and events of the day.
  • A noontime opening ceremonies presented the three honored clan officers/chiefs with the opportunity to march onto the field with the honorable chieftan of the games, Lord McBain. We sat at the podium with othered honored guests as the massed bands played and the clans presented themselves on the field and marched off. Clan Blair led the parade of clans.
  • Saturday afternoon, the official annual meeting was held at the Clan tent. There were over a dozen members present (a few were lost shopping the vendors!) as the President reviewed the state of the society and talked about society programs and projects under way and being planned.
  • After a brief respite at the Hotel Arizona, Saturday evening we convened for our Annual Clan Blair dinner. Our Haggis for the dinner was piped in with its standard entourage of piper, sword bearer, haggis bearer, whiskey bearer, and MC. The piper was paid, and a toast of pure whiskey was offered for all to partake. The bearers being dismissed, the MC presented the Ode to a Haggis in the Auld Scots tongue. As a variation, the audience was invited to participate at particular moments. All enjoyed the presentation and whiskey was drunk with our Haggis appetizer.
  • Fine beef, fish, vegetables, and a wonderful caramel cheesecake was presented for our feasting. Washed down with cocktails from the bar, or coffee.
  • Our guests all introduced themselves and related their activities of the past year. The smaller group really allowed us to get to know more of the group this year.
  • After a bonniest knees contest, the official induction of the new slate of officers occurred and the evening was concluded.
  • Sunday was the last day of the festival. Clan members joined together at the clan tent for some final conversation and visits to the festival events. It was a nice conclusion to another fine AGM for Clan Blair Society!

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