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2014 CBS Annual General Meeting: The Clan Blair Society's Annual General Meeting for 2014 will once again be done electronically, using a FUZE Meeting webinar functionality. This year's AGM will occur at 10:00AM Mountain time on September 27th. This year we have John A. Blair, project manager for the Blair DNA Project. He will present the work and successes of the Blair DNA Project and describe how to get involved yourself. Our Genealogy Chair, Coy Blair will make a presentation on how to get started with your own genealogy research. President, Jim Blair will present the annual report of the society and the state of our projects and committees as is usual for our AGMs. In addition, we'll hear a presentation of proposed national anthems if Scotland votes for independence.

If you don't make the Annual General Meeting presentation, not to worry. Members will have access to a full replay of the session in the Members Only area once it has been downloaded, edited, and loaded into our members' site. Members should be sure to check out all the videos that have been loaded into our Video section of the Members' Only site.

May 2014 CBS Broadcast: The Clan Blair Society's second membership broadcast will take place on Saturday, May 31st at 10:00AM Mountain time. This time we'll be playing a special interview with past president Dr. William Campbell Blair on his experiences with the Clan Blair Society and Scottish Heritage. We will also present the final portion of 'The History of Blair House' by Caroline Borwick. So, don't miss it. Members will receive final information for joining the call by Friday, May 30th. Members will also be able to find login information on the Members' Only site. Final link updates will be made sometime Friday, May 30th.

We have been working out the kinks in the broadcast system since we started these with our 2013 Cyber AGM, so please be patient. We're hoping that this time will have worked most of the kinks out as we're even moving to a new system.

February 2014 CBS Broadcast:On February 15th, we conducted our second internet broadcast for Clan Blair Society members. Due to technical difficulties, only a few people were allowed in. Not to fear, the broadcast has been published on the Clan Blair Society members site. For members, just log into Members.ClanBlair.Org and look for the video section. There, you'll find a link to the Burns Broadcast. The Burns Broadcast included one of our own presenting 'Ode to a Haggis' recorded at a Robert Burns dinner event at the Colorado home of our President Jim Blair. Shawn Blair, Maine gave a presentation on the historical Robert Burns, and we also presented the first half of 'The History of Blair House' by Caroline Borwick.

Annual General Meeting of 2013: Every year, we hold an Annual General Meeting, which is specified in our by-laws, for our members. Prior to the AGM, the board meets for the annual board meeting and reporting, which we report at the AGM. Typically, we have held our AGM at a Scottish event somewhere around the country (once in Scotland). It has become more difficult for our members to travel and participate these past few years, so this past year we did something different. In September, 2013 we held a 'Cyber' AGM. This Cyber AGM was held online so all members could sign in and listen as well as join in. The video recording of this event is available for our members to view on our Members Only site. Visit Clan Blair Society Members Only, log in, and go to the video section to view our 2013 AGM.

2013 Elections: Every three years, the Clan Blair Society holds elections for officers. 2013 was our latest election year. Members were notified of the Ballots or received a paper ballot in their printed newsletter. The voting period ended April 30th and ballots are being counted. We want to thank all of our members that either wnet online to submit their votes or sent in their printed ballot. The results will be announced in the next newsletter.

Members - Dues Payment Notice: For our members, dues are due on January 1st. If you haven't paid your dues yet please do so right now. We will be removing any unpaid members from the newsletter and email lists and will also be changing the Members Only area password. The easiest way to pay is through our PayPal processing. Find links to pay at Join CBS or log into the Members Only site. We recently sent our reminder email notices with more detail. You can also find more information on the Join CBS page.

Clan Blair Photo Gallery:We have another feature for our members and friends! The Clan Blair Society Photo Gallery is a place for us to display our photos from our clan events or other Scottish events to share with everybody. To create your own album, just register for an account and login. Go to Gallery.ClanBlair.net to visit the gallery.

CBS Discussion Forums:Clan Blair Society now has its own Discussion Forums for clan and genealogy discussions and chat. The forums is a place for our members to visit and chat about all sorts of Clan Blair, genealogy, and Scottish heritage topics. Our members can create the discussions as they need them and everybody can join in. To learn how to get started, visit the CBS Forums introduction page on this site. To go directly to the forums, just go to http://forums.clanblair.org. Join us and jump right into the discussions!

BLAIR DNA Project: There is a very interesting genealogical project happening for Blair descendants right now. John A. Blair, owner of the BlairGenealogy.com domain has taken on administration of a Family Tree DNA project for the BLAIRs. To date there are 73 direct male Blair descendants that have submitted test kits of their DNA for analysis. The results are very interesting and for some, surprising! I won't give it away here, but I suggest that if you are a direct descendant (Surname Blair) of the Blairs, and male, that you investigate this project. If you are a female researcher, Family Tree DNA is working on the other side of the chromosones for you. In the meantime, if you know of a direct male descendant, encourage them to participate. Already there are several lines that now know, through this project, that they have a direct connection to the Blair of Blair line in Scotland. Other submitter lines have found new cousins! Both the Clan Blair Society and Blair Society for Genealogical Research endorse this project. BLAIR DNA Project

NEWS ARCHIVE: Looking for an old article? Check out the News Archive page for previous News posts. Go To CBS News Archive.

This is the main page for the Clan Blair Society web site. The site is always being updated and upgraded. If you have trouble with any of the current links or pages . Click on the feedback button below to send a Mail Message.

The Clan Blair Society logo represents the two ancient families of Blair.
Blair of Blair (stag crest) and Blair of Balthayock (dove crest).

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